Daisy Ridley: Han Solo & Princess Leia's Daughter In Star Wars Episode 7?

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When the cast of Star Wars Episode VII was announced earlier this week, one name seemed to attract more interest than any other: Daisy Ridley.

Not only is Daisy the only woman to be cast in the film so far, she's almost a complete unknown, with only a handful of British TV credits to her name.

While we still know very little about Daisy, some Internet theorists are convinced they know the role she'll play in the highly anticipated JJ Abrams film: the daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia, Jaina Solo.

To say that there's been a good deal of secrecy surrounding the production of Episode VII would be like saying Fort Knox has a decent security system, so there's no way of knowing for sure if Daisy will play Han and Leia's daughter or even if such a role will be featured in the film.

The speculation has been spurred mainly by the Twitter photo that accompanied the Episode VII cast announcement and showed Ridley seated between Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford at a script reading. 

While very little information about the film has been officially released, we know that Episode VII takes place about 30 years after Return of the Jedi, so the timeline would fit for a Jaina storyline, though some have pointed out that 22 year-old Daisy might be a bit young for the part.

Naturally, there's no way to know for certain who will play what role until the film finally hits theaters in December of 2015, but it's certainly fun to guess. 

One big question that remains: if Daisy is to play Jaina, which male cast member will play her brother Jacen?

Adam Driver
Adam Driver was one of the first to be cast in the long-awaited Star Wars sequel. He's best known for his role on HBO's Girls.

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Did Carrie Fischer have a sex change or something or was she not cast in the movie? How is this girl the only woman cast in the movie? Huh?


I've wondered about her being their daughter. But lets remember that Disney/LucasFilm just said the expanded universe is no longer canon so the the Solo twins don't necessarily exist anymore.

@ Hamilton

The whole reason why they said it's non canon is BECAUSE they don't want it being very unorganized, which lots of it is, so they have a good direction for the new movies, trilogy. People are misunderstanding what they have said.