Jessica Simpson Weight Watchers Deal: Confirmed, Lucrative

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It's only been a week since Jessica Simpson gave birth to her beautiful baby girl, and the star is already thinking about slimming back down.

The mother of Maxi has about three million reasons to, of course.

According to ABC News, the 31-year-old singer signed a $3 million deal with Weight Watchers in which she'll showcase her fit post-baby body.

Jessica will star in a national campaign for the brand this year.

Jessica Simpson, Huge Cleavage

That's a lot of money to lose weight ... not that she needs it.

Jessica has numerous business endeavors, including perfume, lip gloss, beauty products, hair products and commercials and her Jessica Simpson Collection of handbags, shoes, accessories and and boots broke $1 billion in sales last year.

Simpson and her fiance, Eric Johnson, welcomed their 9-lb., 13-ounce daughter Maxwell Drew on May 1. Despite reports that she's already having a meltdown over going back to work, Jessica gushes that she's happy as ever.

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please tel me how much will be 4 me to loss 35pounds thank you maria


I have an idea! why dont you pay random peope who are already on WW and give them money to loose weight in such amount of time and make them your campaign. Jessica Simpson has enough money. If i were as rich as her I woud go door to door give out hundreds till my feet burned lol. This is ridiculous. Im glad its not confirmed.


What does ABC know? Jessica never confirmed anything & CEO of weightwatchers did not confirm either as of this morning. IT is all speculation at this point but makes for good tabloid gossip doesn't it?


I Love Jessica! Beautiful, love her personality and wish every happiness in the world.:)


NOOOOOO!!!!!! I am a member of WW, and I would rather see price breaks for us than $3 million go to a celebrity to shill for WW.


I think I'd also be her size with her money. It doesn't make sense to me to be worth a fortune and still go to bed hungry.

Avatar bad. Stupid double post


She's still FINE. Not a fan of hers tho. mmmaayybe lose SOME weight...but she's still the same cute perky girl she's always been. Her sister ashlee on the other hand...pfft. Wouldn't be anywhere if it wasn't for jess and her last name, IMO.


She's still FINE. Not a fan of hers tho. mmmaayybe lose SOME weight...but she's still the same cute perky girl she's always been. Her sister ashlee on the other hand...pfft


jesssica is a great role model..her preganancy was also a showcase of how real women can be when they are pregnant...way to go will lose those weights're still very pretty!!!!